As many are aware, PACE FC has been working diligently to achieve full membership status with Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA). If successful, this status would allow our youth in the U11 age groups and above to engage in inter-club matches as well as more meaningful engagement with more soccer clubs on the South Island.  Most recently, LISA reviewed our application and ultimately decided that PACE FC did not meet their criteria for full membership status at this time. 

While we are all disappointed, we received a great deal of valuable feedback from the LISA membership committee and we are actively brainstorming ways that PACE FC can grow and innovate with the goal of achieving success upon our next application for LISA membership. Meanwhile, as we seek to address LISA’s feedback, we will explore ways to collaborate with other local soccer clubs and partners to help enrich our soccer community.

For example, we hope to build programs that address:

– parent involvement and education in soccer

Рcoach and referee development activities

– development, retention, and mentoring of women and girls throughout soccer

– sporting excellence

– charity and community work.

We are excited for the future of PACE FC! As we continue to strive towards our mission of growing the game of soccer by ensuring accessibility to all, we invite you to join our PACE FC family. We would love to hear your valuable voices and we look forward to all the ways our membership can work together to achieve a stronger soccer community for our children and youth! 

If you would like to share your thoughts, ideas and/or get involved in our exciting future, please contact [email protected]


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